How To Braai Like a Champ in South Africa

How to Braai Like a Champ in South Africa

I’m usually proud to be a Canadian. We ride polar bears to work, introduced the world to classy cuisine like poutine, eat cereal with maple syrup instead of milk (which you can buy in a bag, just the way God intended), drink reindeer flavoured slurpies, and play hockey, not soccer. Everything I just mentioned is totally true. Don’t look it up. But after living in South Africa for almost 22 months, I’ve discovered that we have one major shortcoming: the […]

Things I Love About South Africa, Post 2- Things That Happen Only in SA

A while ago I made a commitment that the next ten posts would focus only on the things I love about South Africa. In the meantime, I’ve had several entertaining experiences I could write about, but they wouldn’t fit my current theme, so they’ll have to wait (and there are a couple of doozies, trust me!). One of the things about South Africa that I still can’t get used to is their specific style of customer service. And by that […]

Things I Love About South Africa, Post 1- Knysna

Things I love about South Africa. Kynsna

Look, I know my last post painted a rather unflattering image of South Africa. A fair number of people were offended that I dared to point out that corruption and incompetence were commonplace here. Obviously, I know not EVERYBODY here is inept or corrupt, but I do appreciate the reminders. However, these kinds of things certainly are more prevalent in South Africa than other countries I’ve experienced. There’s no denying it. That being said, for the next ten posts, I’m […]

How to Fall Out of Love With South Africa in 30 Minutes Flat

How To Fall Out of Love with South Africa

Listen, South Africa, my love affair with you is over. I was once smitten. Head over heels. Infatuated. I tried to look past all your warts, but I mean, you REALLY seem intent on being a bad date. So how exactly did I fall out of love with the country that’s shown me wild elephants and the almighty braai? Well, let me tell you… A few weeks ago, our good friends (the Germans) asked us if we wanted to take a road […]

Zambibush-League: A Review

Zambibush Resort

While Canada has many redeeming qualities, it’s not exactly world-renowned for its balmy weather. We can give you maple syrup and Celine Dion up your wazoo, but we can’t deliver year-round tanning weather. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to have boogers freeze in your nose or wanted to experience the delicate art of peeing in -40 degree weather without getting frostbite on your mutton dagger, I’d suggest visiting Saskatchewan in January. But even though we […]

Animal Interactions in South Africa

Animal Interactions In South Africa

One of the most mind-blowing things about South Africa is its wildlife. Have you ever watched the National Geographic channel on TV? It’s like that, but with the added thrill of getting malaria (for real- if you go to Kruger Park, take malaria medication). There are kabillions (rough estimate- I’m not so good with numbers) of different animal species to see, but the Big 5 captivate most visitors. For those of you not familiar with the term, the Big 5 […]

Fun With Credit Card Fraud and South African Banks

Credit card fraud is always a pain in the backside. But credit card fraud in SOUTH AFRICA really turns things up a few notches. Let me give you a bit of a spoiler alert: if it happens to you, you’re pretty much the female lion. Prologue- 4:15am It finally happened. While I’ve done my best to combat the bad reputation South Africa has when it comes to crime, I’m sorry to say I was hit recently. I should point out, however, […]

South African Job Security

Although I’ve griped here and there about customer service in South Africa, one thing that blows my mind constantly is the jaw-dropping ingenuity I see on a daily basis. And I recently witnessed this in regards to South African job security. If you’re an expat living in South Africa, chances are you’ll end up hiring a domestic worker. I was torn to start with: do we contribute to a system that contributes to economic disparity and comes across as super […]

Character Building in South Africa- Registering as a Taxpayer

I’ve been on vacation in Canada for the last little while, which kind of spoiled me, I guess, cause I ALMOST forgot how to be mind-numbingly patient. And if you know anything about South Africa, you’ll know that it will bring anybody who holds things like efficiency dear to their knees. You can beg, plead, and make deals with God all you want, but you won’t be able to get things done as quickly as you think. And such was […]

Need Some New Christmas Music?

Christmas Song

It’s almost Christmas, so I should probably get around to posting a sappy holiday entry soon, but in the meantime, I thought I’d help you all out with a perennial holiday conundrum. If you’re like me, you love Christmas but hate Christmas music (mostly). Cause let’s face it, most Christmas songs suck. Do you like Carly Rae Jepsen? This has nothing to do with her. Almost. A while ago, I had street cred and played in a band, which happened […]